"Efficiency, accuracy and security are the cornerstones of Celerity’s solutions. Celerity applies technology to streamline operations and seamlessly manage the details so data capture and return is fluid and effortless."


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Celerity utilizes the latest technologies to enhance ease-of-use, efficiency and rapid report delivery. Celerity can automate health information exchange both to and from your facility. Your legacy systems need not change. Celerity offers the experience to work with your existing systems as well as providing you with new technology options.

Celerity Voice® Dictation System:
Celerity’s unique integration capabilities efficiently adapt to your institutions’ and your physicians’ individual needs allowing full workflow management and reporting capabilities. Celerity has the flexibility to integrate telephone, computer (PC and Palm), and digital hand-held into a single system. Choose Celerity’s direct dictation capabilities or let us automatically integrate your legacy system. The choice is yours. Our fully scalable digital dictation system is backed by an Oracle® Database, completely customizable to your specifications.

Legacy Dictation System Integration:
Celerity can integrate your legacy dictation system into Celerity Voice delivering a seamless and transparent solution for all users. Your staff maintains their comfort level by continuing to use the systems they already know and your facility saves training costs as well as additional technology investments.

Complete Document Interface Solution:
Celerity adapts to you, becoming an extension of your facility and meeting your health information needs. We employ advanced software solutions that interface with your systems to facilitate data exchange and documentation interface. Celerity has developed scripting to interface with a wide range of PHR, EMR and EHR systems. In addition, we regularly develop custom solutions to meet customer needs.

VoicePlay Edit®/Back-End Speech Recognition:
Celerity brings clarity to dictation using Celerity Voice® dictation system and back-end speech recognition software with an integral text format modeler to create an efficiency tool unsurpassed by other services. With more than 80% adoption rate for our clinicians, it has improved turn around times and improved workflow across the board.

World Class Support:
Our experienced IT staff understands the time factors that impact your organization. We help you keep up with the evolving changes in information system requirements. From custom interfaces to experience in every aspect of the healthcare industry, you’ve found the solution to your health information challenges.

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Simplify dictation using Celerity’s state-of-the-art dictation system or keep your current dictation system.

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Celerity can design and implement new interfaces customized to your specific needs.